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Tanschule Ivangi Mauerwerk Hintergrund
Tanschule Ivangi Mauerwerk Hintergrund
Angi and Ivana, the founders of the Ivangi dance school, smiling in the dance studio

Born and raised in Switzerland, we both started dancing together at a young age. Our first steps in dance were with Jazz Dance, but soon our interests and enthusiasm for dance grew.

Our professional training at the ZTTS – Zurich Dance Theater School (Tanzwerk 101) in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Flamenco, and Modern Dance, as well as in Pilates and Feldenkrais, has shaped us into the passionate dancers and teachers we are today.

After an intensive year of further training in Los Angeles and New York, we worked with renowned dance companies and crews. Our further education in fitness instruction, Pilates Care, and medical massage, combined with valuable experience in dance schools and hospitals, has greatly expanded our range. Today, we teach a wide variety of dance styles and movement techniques with great enthusiasm. Our goal is to work not only with rehabilitation patients but also with children and teenagers.

Since 2008, we have shared our passion for dance and movement and can't imagine a more fulfilling profession. At IVANGI, we bring together our experience and enthusiasm to create a dynamic and inspiring dance and movement community.

Our Story

Ivana + Angi = Ivangi

Tanschule Ivangi Mauerwerk Hintergrund

Verein Ivangi

Art and Movement United

The Verein IVANGI is our latest project, starting from January 1, 2024.

Here, we unite dance, fitness, and culture within a vibrant community. We nurture talents, support artistic projects, and provide a platform for everyone who wants to share their passion for dance and movement.

Join us and help shape the future of dance and the art of movement!

Angi und Ivana, die Gründerinnen der Tanzschule Ivangi, beim Contemporary/Jazz
Angi und Ivana, die Gründerinnen der Tanzschule Ivangi, beim Break Dance

Dance Association 

We're part of it!

As a member of the Swiss Dance Association (TVS), we at IVANGI are always in tune with the dance scene.

Benefit from high-quality courses inspired by a nationwide dance community, and enjoy exclusive advantages as a student through sports promotion contributions.

Tanschule Ivangi Mauerwerk Hintergrund

Our team

Tanschule Ivangi Mauerwerk Hintergrund
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