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The promotion program for New Style Hip-Hop and Jazz/Contemporary at IVANGI


The 'Topshots' promotion program by IVANGI is a platform for talented and motivated dancers who want to develop their skills in Jazz/Contemporary and New Style Hip-Hop.

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We offer

  • Disciplined and professionally led training

  • Monthly training of 2 hours (Sunday 10:00 – 12:00)

  • Focus on shows and performances for entertainment purposes

  • Individual dance promotion


Your role

  • Talent, motivation, and a passion for Contemporary and Jazz.

  • Discipline, reliability, and teamwork.

  • Willingness to participate in additional trainings and adherence to the requirements.


Additional trainings

  • At least two additional open classes per week

  • Monthly workshops (1.5 hours on Sundays)

  • Private lessons and room rental for individual training



  • Specific dress code for hip-hop and jazz



  • Additional costs for competition costumes and travel expenses

  • One-month trial period with sporadic status reviews

Topshots offers a dynamic and versatile training environment for aspiring dancers. Are you ready to expand your dance skills and shine on stage? Become a part of Topshots at IVANGI!

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