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Ivangi Tanzschule Mauerwerk Hintergrund

Verein Ivangi

At IVANGI, it's about more than just dance and sports – it's about community, creativity, and nurturing talent. That's why, starting January 1, 2024, we will have our own cultural association 'Ivangi'.

The goal is to promote art and movement culture in the fields of dance and sports and to support talented dancers and athletes. The IVANGI Association will play a significant role in promoting urban and contemporary dance for children and teenagers and will be actively involved in planning and executing events in the areas of dance, movement, and sports.

Become part of our movement and contribute to creating a vibrant and diverse culture in Wädenswil and beyond!

Ivangi Tanzschule Mauerwerk Hintergrund
Angi und Ivana, die Gründerinnen der Tanzschule Ivangi beim Contemporary Jazz


Our vision is to create an inspiring and supportive community where dance and sports enthusiasts can develop and express their passion in a creative and dynamic environment. We strive to enrich and make accessible the local dance and sports culture.


Our mission is to promote art and culture by supporting talented dancers and athletes. We are committed to providing children and teenagers with access to urban and contemporary dance and are actively involved in the planning and execution of dance and sports events.

Angi und Ivana, die Gründerinnen der Tanzschule Ivangi beim Breakdance
Ivangi Tanzschule Mauerwerk Hintergrund
Ivana, die Gründerin der Tanzschule Ivangi bei einem Tanz Sprung


Would you like to be part of our mission? Support IVANGI through your membership, whether as an active member who utilizes our offerings or as a passive member who provides ideological and financial support. Every contribution helps us achieve our goals and keep the dance and sports culture vibrant.

Every donation makes a difference! Your support enables us to organize more events, nurture talents, and strengthen our community. Help us to continue spreading the joy of dance and sports.

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